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LingQ Wiki



LingQ Language List

Joining LingQ: Your questions answered

Language Resources


On every page of this wiki site, you can see the "home" symbol on the top left, which signifies the link to the FrontPage of the site.


What is LingQ ?

The term LingQ is a play on the word link. Language learning is considered a process of creating links; between words, sounds, meaning and people,and eventually between neurons as new language skills are acquired.




LingQ is a language learning system and a dynamic community with a serious interest in languages. The varennes.jpglearning methodology is based on Steve Kaufmann's experience in learning 11 languages, as well as research by Stephen Krashen on the advantages of input based activities in language learning. LingQ is unique in the way it takes advantage of the Internet and enables members to acquire vocabulary and language skills from relevant and interesting language input, wherever they may find it.


This way of learning is enjoyable and not stressful, and therefore, for many people, represents the first time they experience success in language learning.


A learning community


LingQ is a community as well as a learning system. Members tutor each other, encourage each other, and follow each other's activities.


Members are the main source of content for the libraries of content for each of the ten languages at LingQ. This content can range from simple dialogues or diaries for beginners, created by members, to podcasts or other authentic content that members find on the Internet and contribute (with the permission of the source).


Learning activities at LingQ


Listening and Reading

The main learning activity is simply listening to interesting language content on an iPod or MP3 player. From time to time the user needs to read the transcript at LingQ in order to save words and phrases from the text to his or her personal database. As the database grows, it generates Flash Cards, special highlighting of words in new texts, statistical records of activity and achievement, and many other effective learning functions, all of which are customized to each learner's situation.


Vocabulary acquisition

Saved words and phrases  can be tagged by categories chosen by the learner, whether grammatical categories, or semantic categories. These words and phrases can be reviewed in lists or in Flash Cards and are automatically emailed to learners on a spaced repetition basis.


Speaking and Writing

Learners can interact with native speaker tutors via Skype and can also submit writing for correction.  After each online discussion with a tutor, members receive a discussion report, listing the words and phrases that were not used correctly. These are added to the learner's database. Similarly learners can submit writing for correction and will receive a detailed report with the corrected text and explanations of errors. Again, the corrected words and phrases are added to the learner's database.


Tutoring and Creating Lessons

Members are not only involved in learning one or more foreign language themselves, but also can create content and provide tutoring services in their own language for other members.


How to Join

Registration at LingQ, and use of many of the resources at LingQ, are free of charge. To use all of LingQ's functions costs $10 a month. However, members have the opportunity to earn much more than this by creating content and providing tutoring services in their own language to other members of the community.


Related Links


Steve Kaufmann has written a book about language learning called

The Way of the Linguist, A Language Learning Odyssey

He maintains a blog called

The Linguist on Language,

and has a

channel at Youtube

explaining his language learning philosophy.

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