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LingQ to Go

Page history last edited by Helen Burgess 10 years, 10 months ago

Any or all of the following mobile technology will help you to continue your LingQ learning anyway, anytime:


mp3 / mp4 player

All LingQ lessons can be downloaded in mp3 format. There is also a wide variety of podcasts and video podcasts available for free on the internet. You can listen (and possibly watch) material in your target language anywhere, at any time.


Pencil and Paper

The original mobile technology. Good for revising vocabulary. Try mind-mapping by topic and see what words you can remember (and spell!)


You can also use a pencil to underline words in a magazine article or a book and create LingQs from them later. You can add a list of new words all at once (see Vocabulary--Add a Term).



All LingQ lessons can be printed out and read anywhere. You can underline new words and create LingQs from them next time you are at your computer.


eBook reader

Many novels are available in eBook format for free [need link here]. In addition you can convert LingQ lessons and vocabulary lists into eBook format and download them onto your reader [need link here]. Some eBook readers will even play the mp3 file while you read the eBook file.


Mobile phone

If you can access y our e-mail through your mobile phone then you can receive and study your "LingQs of the Day" anywhere.


iPod Touch or iPhone

As well as being able to play your LingQ mp3s, there are many useful applications like multilingual dictionaries and Kanji training software available. Some people use them to read eBooks too.

Maybe someone who has used one of these for LingQ can add more here. I don't know much about iPods except that they are new and shiny and I want one.

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